About BHY Consulting

BHY Consulting is founded on three key words: Vision. Empathy. Bankability.

These three words: vision, empathy and bankability, when kept top of mind in business gives you and your company purpose in the world. How do you want to improve the world?

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Our Clients Love Us

  • Working with Catherine has been effortless. She is organized, driven, and able to execute on many projects simultaneously. She is sharp as a tack and knows what’s going on in the world around her. She is able to lead a team under pressure and still deliver quality product, on time. She is flexibl...
    Annie Olander
    CEO The Olander Corporation
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  • As a creative agency, we know that sales is just as vital to our business as ideas. Catherine's knowledge of the sales process is unparalleled and was exactly what we needed to take our agency to the next level. Catherine understood our priorities immediately, creating a sales process tailored to...
    Stella Morrison
    CEO, CannaContent
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  • Everyone has times when they are wearing a lot of different hats and picking which area to dedicate the most time to is hard. Catherine worked with me to slow down and think of my quarterly goals and assess where I focused my efforts. My stress level was lower, which allowed my team to be more pr...
    Robb Patterson
    Director of Sales and Marketing, Progressive Computing
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  • The ability to work within different industries and speak everyone’s business acumen is key in today’s world. Catherine is relatable and open-minded, viewing the cannabis industry like any other industry that needs business consulting.
    Seibo Shen
    CEO and Founder of VapeXhale
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  • Catherine Brinkman was facilitating a Google Event and her approach was useful, easy to comprehend, and has helped change the bottom line for our sales. The setting was Tech/Sale people, groups that typically do not mix well, yet the training was such that we all had an opportunity to learn from ...
    Mike Kersgard
    Digital Marketing Specialist
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  • Catherine Brinkman is a force of nature. She exudes confidence and passion for her clients. She drives positive change for the participants of her clients. I came to know her while she led the Dale Carnegie sales course. She has a notable ability to assess complex situations and deliver effect...
    Doug Skinner
    Director of Marketing and Sales, Audit Associates
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  • Catherine is a consummate professional and an absolute pleasure to work with. During the many times we have worked together, she has demonstrated her extensive knowledge of the sales process and is able to help rookies and seasoned veterans alike. Catherine is adept at quickly building rapport wi...
    Brendan Shields
    Senior Live Online Producer at Dale Carnegie Digital
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  • When I trained with Catherine, the first thing she asked was, “Do I have your permission to coach you hard?”. This sets the tone. It’s as if to say, “Are you here for a lunch and learn… or do you want to actually have a transformational experience?” It snaps you in, immediately. You realize t...
    Joe Murray
    Senior Live Online Producer at Dale Carnegie Digital
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  • I have worked with Catherine for 6 years. Her dynamic teaching style works because she has a genuine interest in people. She has trained classes which included C-level Silicon Valley executives, salesmen from janitorial companies and recent college grads that have no sales experience, all in th...
    Sheldon Beitlez
    Former Senior Vice President of Suhr Risk Services
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  • As a new manager I was unsure of how to work with difficult drivers. Catherine coached me to get to know each driver as a person, not just an employee. When difficult situations came up, I was able to diffuse these situations by talking in terms of my driver’s interest, not mine. Retention rat...
    Erica Smith
    Former COO of Marie’s Deliverables
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  • I have known Catherine for over nearly 20 years. Her strongest attribute is her ability to listen. She always listens to key stake holders to fully understand the situation before taking action and working to gain buy-in.
    Edgar Urrutia
    Marketing Communications Manager, Opes Advisors, A Division of Flagstar Bank
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  • Catherine consults with our organization at all levels. She connects with us randomly after the training to see how things are going. It’s the unexpected text messages and emails from her months after a session that remind us of how far we have come.
    Jaclyn Carpenter
    CEO, Ideal, Inc.
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  • Catherine is an exceptional executive coach and business consultant! Her passion and insights into resolving issues, tackling problems and recognizing opportunities for corporate employees is among the best. She has always been a pleasure to work with and her training is always very interactive, ...
    Grace Kim
    Director of HR and Accounting, Visitors Coverage
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  • Catherine is full of creative ideas on how to spin daily business activities into humor. She created the concept of Suits and Snark while in my Satire 2 class and is constantly adapting the brand identity to match her consulting style. Catherine is respectful of the line between snark and profess...
    Caitlin Kunkel
    Satire Program Designer at The Second City
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  • 10/10. Catherine is amazing. I would back her up in a knife fight, if necessary.
    Max Powers
    Territory Account Manager, AbeTech
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