Embracing VOC- Vodka of Color

Embracing VOC- Vodka of Color

By Catherine Brinkman cb@bhyconsulting.com 650.346.9111

To: Vodka Drinkers From: Tito

Subject: VOC

Vodka Drinkers,

Last weekend myself, Grey, Stoli and OG Standard were lined up for drinkers to pick from. While it was said in a hushed voice, I distinctly heard a man in the group say “I wouldn’t drink Tito’s if you paid me. I never drink VOC.”

Hate speech against VOC, Vodka of Color, is a growing issue across the United States. First of all, that is vodkaist. Not all of us are Russian. Grey is French!

I am a hardworking vodka. I have been in the vodka force for over 20 years. I am made in small batches.

I have a huge quality assurance team checking to make sure that each batch meets my inventor’s

original formula. OG Standard’s linage is so diluted, who knows how far he strays from the first batch recipe.

The hatred towards VOC needs to stop! We mix well with others. ICE seems to respect us. Even the yellow lemon likes us.

VOC hate speech is growing. I was victimized at a NYC bar. My heart grows cold when I think about what other VOC hear in bars scattered throughout flyover country.

We are contributing members to the community. We frequent fundraising events, appear at major stadiums and line up at major grocery chains. VOC aim to be accessible to all that want to enjoy our flavor.

I don’t expect to change the entire drinking world’s opinion of VOC overnight. I can only hope that myself and others will be given a fair taste moving forward.

Slightly Chilled in Spirit, Tito