Final 24K Pizza Review

Donald Trump Jr. on Industry Kitchen’s 24K Pizza

By Catherine Brinkman 650.346.9111

A Mélange of Truffles Allows NYC’s Industry Kitchen and Their $24K Pizza To Level Up By Donald Trump Jr.- Guest Food Critic

Full disclosure: I am rich. Like my Dad bought off Russia to become President of the United States rich. I can count on one hand how many times I’ve had a $2 NYC slice from a walk-up window at a pizzeria. But I love a good slice of Hawaiian Pizza. I am used to pie slices with thick cuts of Mangalista ham and pineapple grown in Heligan’s pit. For those of you that don’t know, Heligan’s pit is home to a pineapple pit that grows temperature controlled fruit, making this pineapple the most expensive fruit in the world.

Clearly, my view on the cost of a slice of pizza is skewed.

I have been in and out of meetings for the last month with my lawyer, just in case this Russiagate thing goes somewhere. These meetings are long, boring and stressful. I knew that I was going to need a diet cheat day last week. I like to plan my binge eating a solid 48 hours in advance, so I ordered the infamous 24K Pizza from Industry Kitchen. A concept pizza pie only a New York chef would create and take 48 hours to make.

One of the main reasons I went for pizza was Melania. She talks about her Mom’s homemade pizza all the time: Government Cheese and Beluga Caviar. Melania’s childhood go to sounded revolting for years, but I have gotten used to eating things that are served to me government style. The 24K Pizza is loaded with platinum Osetra caviar. I needed a smaller more delicate egg for my throat than the Beluga. For extra measure I splurged and added Almas caviar to the pie. As my Dad says, “Leaders of the free world go big or they go home.” Since I can afford the most expensive caviar in the world, with a mere additional topping fee of $700, I went for it.

The 1 ½ ounces of Almas really took away from the more common ingredients of the pie.

The foie gras was the most disappointing part of the pie. How gauche. I read a few years back that foie gras was served on a donut in Silicon Valley on National Donut Day. I say no thank you for anything on my pizza that has been featured on a donut.

This brings me to the Stilton Cheese. As part of American Royalty, I knew that Stilton cheese coming out of England with royal blue veins would be an added bonus to the pizza. Wrong! This cheese was so pungent, it smelled worse than my boarding school gym socks while at The Hill. The veins were not a royal blue, rather a dark US Navy blue. Not something my taste buds welcomed.


I expected the 24k gold leaves to make up for the Brits ghastly cheese. Strike two for the pizza. Talk about gold leaves cut too thin. I like some meat to my gold. These leaves melted on my tongue and were gone in seconds. There was no opportunity to taste the metal. I recommend ordering in advance and asking for thicker cuts of gold leaf.

The true highlight of the pizza: Truffles. There is something called Olive Oil. I hear that it is all the rage, along with coconut oil. Our help only cooks with truffle oil. The 24K pizza’s squid ink crust was drizzled with delicious white truffle oil. But here is the best part, there are whole

truffles strewn about the top of the pie. I didn’t ask for extra truffles-each slice was loaded with them. It was nearly impossible to take a bit and not get a taste of White, Burgundy, or Moscato truffle. Thankfully no ordinary truffles were on the pie. I would have picked them off and fed them to the deer on my next hunting trip.

Overall, this pie was well worth the $2,700. It is not something to be had everyday, but when you need a cheat day, the 24K pizza is a go to staple. I highly recommend it during stressful situations.

Industry Kitchen’s 24K Pizza comes with standard toppings of Stilton, foie gras, platinum Ossetra caviar, truffle and 24K gold leaves. Orders to be placed 48 hours in advance. The standard 24K Pizza is $2,000. 1 ½ oz Almas Caviar is an optional topping for an additional $700. 70 South Street at Maiden Lane New York, NY 10005 , 212.487.9600; Hours. Monday to Sunday 11am – 10pm Brunch Saturday & Sunday 11am – 4pm. @industrykitnyc on Twitter.