Professional Development

Professional Development

The meaning of professional development means a lot of things to different people. The main thing BHY strives to focus on is return on investment. Professional development should not be viewed as self-help in a what’s wrong with me sense. Professional development is my company sees something in me they want to develop to create a stronger person in a professional sense. It is getting the strong to become stronger.

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Giving You Tools to Grow Your Business

Our team has over 235 consulting years under our belt combined. That means our enthusiastic team has been around the block a few times. Our trainers are certified within their field of expertise. We all have experience in training live in person, live online and web based self-paced learning.

We can facilitate training that your company previously developed and wants delivery outsourced. We create, develop and deliver customized, new curriculum for clients. Depending on needs, a dedicated trainer can be assigned to your company to ensure congruency between trainings.

All of us have a strong training history in Silicon Valley and New York. Meaning we’ve trained with various tech and finance firms. We speak numbers in additional to words. Our partnerships include companies in retail, agriculture, manufacturing and construction too.

We have experience training remotely when companies have global teams and each of us have training experience live in person outside the USA. Often at international events we facilitate one and two-day trainings on very specific topics followed up with companywide keynote talks about the importance of implementing the new changes.

The Professional Development Offerings:

  • Body Language
  • Communication within Company Culture
  • Customer Service
  • Email and Office Etiquette
  • Image and Personal Branding
  • Leadership
  • Mental Attitudes Needed for Successful Selling
  • Messaging and Presenting
  • Sales
  • Working Across Generations

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