What We Do

BHY Consulting is a consulting firm that partners with companies to tackle their business challenges. We know that market trends change swiftly, as do company needs. The transition for traditional consulting to project-based execution is here. BHY is rising to the occasion, as one of the first to adapt to this mindset.

Our team has over 235 years of training experience combined. Each of us not only train but manage projects, lead teams and actively sell our services. What this means to you, our team is boots? on the group and working in the business world. We aren’t sitting in a consultant’s ivory tower.

Professional Development

The meaning of professional development means a lot of things to different people. The main thing BHY strives to focus on is return on investment. Professional development should not be viewed as self-help in a what’s wrong with me sense.

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Content Development

Marketing drives sales. In today’s world content is king. You save money when you outsource your content needs. This strategy allows you to invest more in SEO and advertising to drive sales up.

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White Collar to Green Collar™

The cannabis business is not always a walk in the grow. In addition to traditional professional development, cannabis businesses need help preparing and getting through the business licensing application process. We help get you through the process and on the road to success.

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