White Collar to Green Collar™

White Collar to Green Collar™

Cannabis is a business, just like any other business. BHY helps you with your professional development bringing white collar skills to green collar. The Green Rush has many people thinking that they will start a weed business and in a few years be able to retire on their own personal lush island. Not the case. Starting a cannabis business is hard work. In addition to added compliance, construction and legal regulations, as part of your business license application you need a business plan. That is where a partnership with BHY comes in.

Here is a quick overview of what you will need to apply for a business license. * (*Requirements will vary based on municipality.)

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Reducing Stress Levels During the Application Process

In 2014 we started to write business plans, job descriptions and employee training materials for cannabis businesses in California. These are key pieces of your business license applications that municipalities granting licenses require.

BHY serves as product manager throughout your application process if you need outside help to stay on the time we set to ensure the completion of your application is done well before the turn in date.

While we do not have an in-house legal team, we do have strong relationships with lawyers that practice in both the white collar and green collar space. We have a relationship with a company that helps with branding, logos, messaging and website design. If you are merely interested in getting into a green collar business, we can connect you with those already in the industry. You can ask questions and hear about their road to success, first hand. Contact us for more information.

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